If you have bought a Beyond Nicotine Quit Smoking product or book in retail or online, you have taken the first big leap towards becoming a happy, successful Non-Smoker.

We urge you to use our powerful capsules and sprays as part of the 21 day programme that has helped so many smokers to quit which is free to you, and we hope you will read all the information and do the exercises available to you here, which, if done diligently and methodically, will eventually lead to the New You, free from Nicotine for good.


We have not always been smokers, at some stage we started experimenting with cigarettes, never thinking they would eventually dominate our lives like they do. Often just after a cigarette, we swear we are quitting, but as the cycle of craving pangs start and become more intense, we buckle. We promise to quit tomorrow/ next week/ in the new year, but we never get there.

But our brains are actually programmed for success, and if we spend a bit of time reading the great advice and friendly tips on this site, we will soon be brave enough to set a start date armed with all the tools our programme provides. And by strengthening our resolve and determination by picturing ourselves as successful quitters, and with the supportive downloads and motivations in the programme, we CAN emerge as the heros we really are.


Because we really believe the hardest part of quitting smoking is actually getting started, most of the information on this site is really basic preparation for the campaign. It’s like we have decided on a destination, we have serviced and fueled our car for the journey, we have downloaded route maps, we have plenty of food and refreshments, we have the mechanical knowledge to deal with the small on route repairs. We are now really looking forward to the destination.

Almost like keeping a diary, let’s embark on being really present and involved in our quit smoking journey, and by activating in the Registration Section the pre-start steps then the 15-day programme support, and by consciously detailing several times daily our own remarks, we never feel alone or lose confidence.

Set your launch day for a Monday (I like the freshness of a new week, anything seems possible) and allow yourself at least 5 days before then of preparation time. In this 5-day period, use the affirmations, start the detox plan and engage with the 5-day preparation modules. Start the process of change by telling your family, friends and colleagues you are finally going to quit smoking, ask for their support, and if your partner/family members or close colleagues are smokers, invite them on the journey with you! Download and interact with the tools below you will need to accompany you on your exciting journey.


(step 1)

Download, read and fill out our guided programme

  • Free breathing exercise, coughing ringtone and panic button
  • Desk exercise guide
  • Eating Plan and 5-day Detox guide
  • Power of the Frame
  • Affirmations
  • Break up letter

This programme works best in conjunction with my book or on-line course or one of our retail herbal or homeopathic support kits.
To buy these click here

  • 5-day preparation exercises
  • 15-day support programme

(step 2)

Sign-up for out 15 day support programme by simply entering your name and email address:

you will receive one email everyday for 15 days starting on a Saturday.


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