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Beyond Nicotine works because our brains are programmed for success

The Beyond Nicotine 15 day Quit Smoking Program is an internationally successful method of assisting even the most hardened smoker to easily and painlessly wean oneself off the dangerous and limiting habit of inhaling nicotine via cigarettes, cigars and vaping.

Our 90 minute in-company Quit Smoking Experiences are changing the way we save on loss of time in the workplace and help smokers to become heroes and can be booked online.

Our guided programmes help smokers to quit using our retail products and the support and guidance provided on this site.

Our powerful herbal and homeopathic anti-crave and detox formulas are a great friend when quitting and can be bought in retail or online


Michael ”Unhooked” Hook is a Transformation Disruptor who’s Beyond Nicotine Quit Smoking interventions are reinventing the way employers assist staff to quit negative habits and create new positive goals and lifestyles. The Beyond Nicotine arsenal comprises

  • The explosive in-company Beyond Nicotine 90minute live Experience
  • A range of Natural Anti crave and Detox formulas in retail chains and online
  • A physical and digital bestselling book “Here’show to Quit Smoking”
  • A 10 part e-learning course.

The 90 minute Beyond Nicotine Experience corporateinterventions are a vibrant and are in demand by the larger employers in thefinancial, manufacturing and retail industries. Quite staggering results arereported, and Hook believes he has found the key to motivating smokers to begin an exciting and often life changing journey. “Conventional methods of tackling quitting have remained the same for 30 years” says Hook, “but people and the world have changed. Our vibey programmes with digital support and new neuroscience backing are what make our offering so effective”.

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