Why BN is Different

Based on both current science and our experience of having helped thousands of smokers to successfully quit and then go on to make further positive changes in their lives, the Beyond Nicotine Programme is unique because:

  • We tackle the initial days of nicotine withdrawal with effective, FDA approved homeopathic anti-crave formulas (Herbal in some countries)
  • We prepare our minds to accept we really do want to quit, and to expand this to setting dates and methods
  • We expose the myths and scare stories we tell ourselves about how tough it is to quit, and arm ourselves with tools to achieve success, prepared with several effective tools to anticipate and withstand withdrawal and craving pangs.
  • We offer the support of proven mental exercises, helpful downloadable apps and a wall chart to keep us on course for the crucial 15-day period which is needed to begin to actively modify the way our brains work.
  • We plan and implement a new set of activities and anchors to help us make improvements in other parts of our lives, to truly benefit from going Beyond Nicotine.

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